Clean Energy Capital


Client-Tailored Financial Solutions



Clean Energy Capital brings extensive experience in utilities investment banking, project finance, and municipal finance. 

We advise clients throughout the project development cycle from feasibility assessment through contract negotiations to financial closing.

Representative Services

Municipal financial advisory
Project advisory
Mergers & acquisitions advisory
Private placement
Feasibility & valuation analysis
Financial modeling
Contract negotiations
Procurement advisory
Due diligence

Sectors We Advise



Expertise in electricity generation, transmission, storage and conversion, and natural gas midstream. We serve clients in the wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy sectors. 

Core Focus
Utility-scale energy project development.



Expertise in managing costs and risks in complex infrastructure projects, understanding municipal joint action and inter-governmental negotiation, and advising public boards and senior municipal executives. Clean Energy Capital is a registered municipal advisor. 

Core Focus
Municipal finance and public governance.



Expertise in water treatment and storage and conveyance infrastructure. We serve clients in the desalination, wastewater, water recycling, and indirect potable reuse sectors.

Core Focus
Water infrastructure for the next generation.

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Expertise in structuring the capital financing alternatives available to public and private entities, and optimizing the trade-offs between risk transfer and cost. Clean Energy Capital advises both private developers and public-sector sponsors.

Core Focus
Utility-scale energy and infrastructure projects.