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Clean Energy Capital Financial Report - Proposed Huntington Beach Desalination Project


October 11, 2014

San Francisco, CA. – Clean Energy Capital has prepared a detailed financial analysis of a potential ocean-water desalination project in Huntington Beach, California. The report evaluates the terms proposed by Poseidon Water LLC, the developer and owner of the Project, for a water purchase agreement between Poseidon and the Orange County Water District

Clean Energy Capital was engaged by the Orange County Water District to prepare the report. In addition to describing and evaluating Poseidon’s proposal, the report considers various financial and ownership alternatives, such as the provision of project debt and/or equity by OCWD. The report includes a Monte Carlo statistical analysis of the likely cost of water to Orange County over the project’s 30-year life. The report compares the proposed Huntington Beach desalination project to the Carlsbad desalination project that is currently under construction in San Diego County, California.

OCWD has released the report, in draft, for public review and comment. The report is intended to facilitate public review and to support policy decisions by the OCWD’s Board of Directors.

A copy of the report can be found here [Download PDF]. Additional information regarding the project, and OCWD, can be found at

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